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Dayami treated us like family


We loved our customized private tours with Dayami. She was knowledgeable and treated us like family. I appreciated the fact that we stayed at an AirB&B with a private room, ate at private homes and worked with Dayami, who is a private tour guide.


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Chill and truly enjoy Cuba

Even though we're fluent in Spanish, Dayami made our trip to Cuba one that we will always remember. Having such a knowledgeable local guide allowed us to chill and truly enjoy our trip. Dayami catered to our every need and provided a local's perspective on the island that left us hungry for more. We've recommended her to all of our family and friends.

I'm so glad that we booked a personalized tour

I'm so glad that we did not book a large tour, but rather worked with Dayami to personalize our time in Havana for the needs of our family. We can't wait to return.

Cuba blew our minds

Cuba blew our minds. Dayami was so knowledgeable and willing to share her insider's perspective on the island. I felt like we were hanging out with a friend. If you're a lover of architecture, photography, culture, history and music, then hurry up and contact Dayami. You won't regret it. We're so grateful to have experienced Cuba like a local. 

Cuba Tours: Cuba Trip Planning Made Easy

Yes, it's legal and safe.

 2019 Cuban travel update: The U.S. announced new travel rules for Cuba. Americans can no longer travel to the island under the People to People category as an individual and you're unable to patronized any military - owned business. In addition, cruise travel to Cuba has been halted. You can still travel to Cuba via land.

Legal travel to Cuba is still possible under the Support For The Cuban People category and our tours can assist you in planning a safe, educational and cost effective trip to the island. 

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Have Kiddos Will Travel Cuba Tours offer:

A one of a kind safe, personalized, private tour option for those wanting to visit Cuba and experience it like a local.

Did you know that you can in fact still travel to Cuba independently? 

By booking a trusted private tour, you will save 100's of US dollars on your excursion time on the island. Our tours are priced per car, not per person for a group of 4 and can be coordinated to accommodate larger family - group sizes.

Pro - tips: 

- Everyone (including children) will need a passport book (not a passport card) that is valid for at least 6 months after your trip. Two pages are required for entry - exit stamps. 

- Each traveler will need a Cuban Visa if you're a US citizen (please research Visa laws for other countries) which cost $75.00 per person. Take your time completing this simple form, as mistakes are not accepted and you will have to buy another one.

-   U.S. credit and debit cards generally do not work in Cuba. Bring cash to cover your stay. The Cuban government requires that travelers declare cash amounts over 5,000 USD. Travelers should note that the Government of Cuba charges a 10 percent fee for all U.S. dollar cash conversions; this does not apply to electronic transactions or cash conversions in other currencies. 

- US dollar and credit cards are not accepted in Cuba. Do your research regarding how much money you will need and plan accordingly.  I recommend changing money into Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) before meeting your guide (for lunch, souvenirs, rum, the sampling, etc.). It is recommended that you change US currency to Euros prior to your trip (AAA will do this without an additional conversion fee for members) and then change dollars to CUC upon arrival. At the time of our visit   The official exchange rate (at the time of our trip in 2018) is 0.87 for every 1 USD.

-  The export of Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) is strictly prohibited, regardless of the amount. When departing Cuba, U.S. travelers are advised to exchange Cuban convertible pesos (CUC) back to US Dollars well before reaching airport security checkpoints to avoid potential confiscation of the CUC. For other currencies, travelers may export up to the equivalent of 5,000 USD. Anyone wishing to export more than this amount must demonstrate evidence that the currency was acquired legitimately from a Cuban bank.


- Dayami was very helpful in regards to helping us figure out how much cash we would need for all of our tours, meals, and shopping. 

- Bring sunblock, hats, and sun glasses. I packed a back pack with safe drinking water, snacks and treats for our kids.

- Wear comfortable walking shoes. Havana streets are beautiful, but the cobblestone is hard on your feet. 

- Leave your jewelry and fancy items at home. 

- Don't take pictures of Cuban police or military.

- Keep your strong tourist opinions about Fidel, the Castro family, the  revolution or communism to your self. Avoid discussing politics (history discussions are okay) and you're good.

- There are two currencies in Cuba. The first is the Cuban Convertible Peso CUC  (which tourists use) and is worth 26 Cuban Pesos CUP. 

- Don't expect to have access to the many comforts of home. There is almost no access to many of the consumer goods that are common for us in the United States. So, make sure to bring that which you can't live without. If you wan't toothpaste, a toothbrush, toilet paper, hand disinfectant, mints or snacks, make sure to bring them with you. 

American children playing on the streets of Havana while enjoying personalized tour by Dayami.

American children playing on the streets of Havana while enjoying personalized tour by Dayami.

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We've done all the work

Havana tour with 4 kids

Exploring Havana, Cuba with kids

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Why book with us...


Have you been wanting to visit Cuba, but are hesitant to book due to language barriers and concerns about trusted ways to tour? 

I have the perfect solution, with access to a professional English - Spanish speaking local tour company that will provide you with the most thorough Cuban history, culture, food, music and architecture tour options. 

You will not be disappointed.

We offer pre planned itineraries and private tours that can be adapted to your travel needs. 

Feel free to email me for overview information of tour options prior to booking. 

Trust me, you'll want to maximize your sightseeing and authentic Cuban experience with exceptional tour(s).

Why book a private tour:

- Access to experienced, affordable, quality tour guides in reliable classic Cuban cars. 

-  Completely pre planned Cuban Island tours that can be customized to be meet your family or group needs. 

- Any itinerary possible - can be tweaked or adapted to fit the needs of families, couples, singles or seniors. 

- This is a private, personalized tour service. No big groups or waiting in line.

- Our tours are run by local Cuban experts with a love for the island and are fluent in English.

-  Access to a hidden gem!

- Trustworthy, reliable and safety oriented tour company that will not break the bank.

Enjoying Cuban history, culture, food, music, cars and art.

Enjoying Cuban history, culture, food, music, cars and art.

About our Cuba Tours

Dayami Cuba Excursions

A one of a kind safe, personalized, private tour option for those wanting to visit Cuba and experience it like a local.

You will not find a better deal

Other tours charge 3 to 4 times per person what Dayami charges and you would be traveling throughout the island in bigger groups. 

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Spend some time reviewing the Cuba tours options below and then Contact Dayami directly via email to reserve your tour today. She will work directly with you to book and customize your tour(s). Tell her that Ruth Mendes from Have Kiddos Will Travel sent you.  

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Sample tours -

All tours can be customized directly with Dayami Cuba Excursions

Exploring Havana, Cuba with kids

Our family enjoyed an amazing personalized tour of Havana via foot and classic American car. 

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This is just a sample and brief description of the types of tours that we offer. 


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